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Screen Time is becoming virtually “all the time.” It’s the rule, not the exception. How often do we text each other even while in the same house?

What’s wrong with this “picture”? In my work, one of the biggest issues that spouses talk about is when the other is on their phone all the time and doesn’t pay attention to the other. It’s a statement to each other that other things are more important, more interesting, more fulfilling… more….

The biggest problem with this “syndrome” is that it destroys emotional intimacy. It’s already difficult to cultivate this all important aspect in relationships, but in reality, it will destroy intimacy faster than almost anything. EVERYTHING is important, 911, has to be answered immediately, on and on and on. We make excuses to justify why we have to answer, respond, etc.

I am 66 years old… I grew up in a world where there were no cell phones, computers, internet, cable tv. Can you imagine such a thing!! There were these tall, metal and glass enclosures everywhere, call “phone booths” ; >))

“Phone Booth”

You had to put coins in the phone to make a call… I know… crazy right!? And then, if you were needing directions to someplace, you had to stop at a gas station and get a giant paper map and try and figure out where you were and how to get wherever. If you were alone you had a problem… it’s pretty hard to hold a 36″X36″ map in your face and drive at the same time.

So there are some distinct advantages to cell phones and GPS for sure. But when it comes to humans connecting with each other, texting, calling, Snap Chatting, What’s App-ing, and a million other “App” forms of communication, cannot replace genuine, authentic human interaction. There is no intimacy in electronic communication… if fact in many cases it distorts communication as we can manipulate words in texts, for example, to mean something other than the genuine truth… let’s say… alternate truth.

I am hoping this humorous expose’ on screen communication will help you see a need to connect more with your spouse, significant other, children, friends, the old fashioned way… talking to each other.


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