Digest Your Anger

“Digesting” your anger, will allow you to get in touch with why you are angry, what and who you are angry at, and give you the opportunity to look into to its particular origin , and find new solutions.

Instead, unfortunately, most of the time, we simply get triggered and anger becomes our first line of reaction instead of response. For me, anger was, for a long time, the first and only line of defense. It was a way for me to attempt control. I can say that now but back in those days, I didn’t do any digesting, I just vomited it out whole. It was also my justification. I excused my ranting by blaming others. I didn’t assume any responsibility because if they just would stop doing what they were doing, I clearly wouldn’t have to be angry.

In the Bible we are told, “be angry and do not sin.” This means that anger is a valid human emotion, but if we do not exercise self control, that anger crosses the line into “sin”, meaning it takes on a destructive element of some kind. When we “digest” our anger, take responsibility for why we are choosing anger as a response, we can develop healthier ways of dealing with disappointment, frustration, not having control, etc. Then we can find peace, and thus more ability to find healthier was of interactions with others that build rather than tear down.


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