The Goal – The Purpose

Life is passing away. Money passes away. As George Harrison sang, “All Things Must Pass.”

So what then? Shall we not make money? Of course we will, and should. But putting your trust in money will leave you bankrupt. We are all created with a purpose; and money can help us accomplish our purpose, but even then, it’s not a prerequisite. I am only one example, but when I joined New York City Relief to work with the homeless 30 years ago, I sold everything I owned including my home to go work for no salary. I had $10,000 to my name to live on.

God used my simple act of trust and obedience in following His direction for my life, and as a result, has used me in many capacities, all of which were involving being used in bringing transformation into the lives of thousands… and still counting. All with no money to speak of. In fact, He used the financial support of others to make it possible. One couple he used was Ray and JoAnne Melillo.

With our great, wonderful friends Ray and JoAnne

We met about 30 years ago. Ray and JoAnne were involved in helping NYCR and I met them, we struck up a friendship, and spent a lot of time serving on the streets together, partnering together in the same purpose. We learned that they were accomplishing their purpose in response to what God called them to do… it intersected with what we were called to do… purpose. Ray and I had many discussions about money, the homeless, marriage, life. The main thing was that our lives had intersected to accomplish God’s purposes in all our lives.

We have had a blessed friendship all these years as a result. That connection also allowed me to be connected to the Pappalardos years later in the capacity that I now function in in counseling and leadership training. Turns out it’s the latest assignment that God has given me… my purpose continues.

I thank God, all my friends, my wife, all the supporters throughout the years, for allowing me to walk in the purpose established for me. And that as I continue to intersect with more and more lives, others purposes may be discovered as well.

“The destiny of others depends on our obedience to God.” – Wellington Boone


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