Personal Development/ “Personality” Development

As most of you know, we always focus on temperament being the foundational piece of understanding our makeup, strengths, weaknesses, and propensities. When we say the word, “personality”, we are referring to the emotional makeup, the belief systems, character, etc. of the entire person, not only the “persona” of the person, or, the presentation out front.

Along with the study of temperament, and other methods of counseling and mentoring that we employ, there are some practical steps you can take to “develop” your personality, or mature your personality.

Another thing to note here is that personal development does not stop at a certain phase in your life, such as if you retire from your job. It’s a lifelong journey that focuses on improving your skill sets, increasing your “heart” capacity, and helping you become the best version of yourself.

Personal development also impacts the following core areas in a person:

  • Empowerment – This helps you know how to take action positively. It also makes us more likely to mentor and help others to achieve their personal goals.
  • Self Motivation – Having the will, or the drive they need in order to face adversity and meet the goal they have in their mind.
  • Meaning Or Purpose Of Life – All people have a purpose, a natural calling. Personal development makes it easier to find this natural call with ease.
  • Positivity In Attitude – With a positive attitude, you’re more likely to see all the opportunities in your life. Personal development allows you to foster an optimistic outlook, and increase your faith.

With “personality” development, you’re going to start learning new things, have new goals to achieve and to work on throughout your life. Plus, the skill sets you learn will make a marked difference in your productivity, what you bring to the table and how you’re able to give back to your society or the community.

The following are a few things that you should try. Practicing them regularly will allow you to expand your horizons and experience growth in new and diverse ways.

1. Expanding Your Intelligence

It’s a good idea to start becoming more knowledgeable so that you’re able to communicate with people over a wide array of topics. The trick here is on learning in a deep and wide manner.

In this case, it means that you should read, get to know the basics of, and get a grasp of different topics. It will also help you to shape your perspective and you will know so much about so many different areas of a business or just life in general.  

2. Overcome Your Fear

Try to identify one fear that you have and work to overcome it. To make things easier, try to pick an option which isn’t very difficult for you. Make sure it has low risks so that you are more confident in trying to overcome it.

In this manner, you won’t have the fear of failure holding you back. Overcoming a low-risk fear might not seem like it is worthwhile but it honestly is. It boosts your self-esteem, gives you more confidence and teaches you how to undertake different challenges in your life.

3. Master A Skill

Have you always envied a certain skill set in someone? It’s time to start mastering it. You’ll also end up training your brain to start mastering a single new quality. This will be extremely useful for you and start to expand your brain’s thinking ability.

Remember that even the professionals need to start from scratch so you shouldn’t worry about it and compare yourself negatively.

4. Read More

You might have heard people tell you to read more but this doesn’t mean just read more books in the same genre. There are so many books in so many different genres that you can really explore different areas and thought processes in this manner.

5. Try to Mentor

Personal development doesn’t just focus on you. Remember, that it’s an empowering experience and you can always reach out and help others to accomplish all their goals, just like they helped you out. This can make a marked difference in your journey and also help to teach you leadership skills.

6. Build Your Faith

Growing in faith will produce perseverance, character, authenticity, confidence, integrity and more. Building your faith opens the door for discovering purpose. Your “why.”

7. Volunteer

Being grateful and having an attitude of thankfulness can also put a lot of things into perspective. The best expression of gratitude is to give back through volunteering. Giving of yourself enriches and expands your heart, and produces humility.

BH/ Anivda: Adapted

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