Not Everything is as It Seems – with Sia Boehler

The quote above is from my dear friend, Sia Boehler. We have worked together for many years in the realm of uncovering the false self and becoming our genuine selves. We are all subject to this reality in some form or another, and both Sia and I have plenty of personal testimony of having to deal with our false selves. In fact, one of the earliest appointments we had was one of absolute exposure. She basically thought she and her husband Bryan were FINE, (Fouled Up, Insecure, Neurotic, Emotional).

In short order, she was in tears pouring out her heart, and immediately became transparent with me, her soul opened up and she became the a first incarnation of her genuine self. The facade came off, and then we could speak honestly and genuinely.

She took off her mask and began the glorious new leg of her authentic journey to becoming all she was created to be. We have been great friends ever since and it has been an absolute joy walking out our converged journeys. Thanks my friend.

“We are all beautifully sculpted an
inevitably flawed;
specifically designed for a limitless life”

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