Desperate Times

Shakespeare was actually known to say, “Desperate times breed desperate measures.” I think I like that a little more. When “things” get desperate, it should “breed”, or invoke an internal response in us to do extraordinary things to meet extraordinary challenges.

As challenging as our current world situation is, I have been impressed at the response of our country and government to step up with extraordinary responses, to curb a potentially even more devastating outbreak, with even farther reaching consequences than we will see. For example, decisions being made that will hurt us all economically in the end, will save lives. There is a cost for everything, when desperate times visit us, choices have to be made in desperation, but with a clear head, calm mind and heart.

It’s been inspiring to see people in government make decisions that, as difficult as they may be, are going to save lives and help keep the effects of this outbreak as low as possible. Here in Orange County, and LA County in particular, and in the state of California, as big as it is, the response has been admirable.

One facet that I believe personally is necessary to remain calm and collected in such times is faith. We ultimately believe God is in control and will not give us more than we can handle. He sustains us, gives us strength, gives us peace in our hearts, and cultivates patience in moment by moment lives, as we trust in Him, and not our circumstances.

Thank God and the powers that be for the “desperate”, effective response to this world emergency.


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