First Things First

If you don’t know what the first things are, and need to be, you cannot lead effectively. Things in God’s universe work best in sequence. When we put things in different order, we very well may not be putting first things first.

I’m not getting cosmic or “new agey” here…. God clearly puts Himself in the first thing section of things. For example, Matthew 6:33 says, “seek first His kingdom and His righteousness, and all other things will be added.” When you put the other things first, things that you decide should be first, it hinders the natural flow that He intended.

When we decide that the “Bigger yes” burning inside is the one that God endorses, then we stay on the right track. It’s when we decide things on our own, which we are advised to not do, throughout scripture, then we should not expect the best outcome. As C.S. Lewis states above, if we put second things first, we lose both the first and second things.

Now, you may be saying something like, “but Bill, do we know what then should be first?”

My answer is going to be, get yourself in tune with God in your life. He wants the best for you. That would mean, get accountable, seek first the things that he has already deemed most important.Then you will be on the right track. How does that play out in life and business?

Character, integrity, virtues, servant leadership, raising others up first, accountability, loving your neighbor as yourself. If you will put these things first in your life, the other things will follow. It’s not so much what you’re doing, but how you’re living your life.


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