You’re Not Being Punished – You’re Being Prepared

With Kat Papadakis

As a kid my parents were not the ones to pick me up from school unless I was really, REALLY sick. I’m talking blue in the face sick (not I have a headache sick). So, naturally that encouraged me to be “business as usual” for years to come even when I didn’t feel good. I felt if you made a commitment, you stand by that and maybe stand a little less close to person you’re talking to. I felt that was being true to my word so admittedly, I’d judge others for not doing the same. 

When I first got wind of Covid-19, I did just that – business as usual. “It’s just a flu” I said. “People are going crazy this isn’t serious”. “Why are we being told to wash our hands… wasn’t that a given? Are they going to teach us shapes and colors next?” It felt as if the world around us was being hyper sensitive and I didn’t want to participate, so I chose to not pay it any mind. 

Fast forward to now, where cases are doubling everyday, our economic structure crashed in a matter of weeks, people have lost their jobs – THE TOLIET PAPER IS GONE! 

I wish I was joking on the last part. 

This went from funny memes to a world wide pandemic. People are scared, uncertain and uncomfortable. 

Fear is blaring through our TVs, phones and radio. We are so hungry for answers that we devour what we hear (regardless of the source) and throw it up on the next person we speak to even if it has no merit or truth to it. 

…or even worse, we internalize it so deeply that it causes us to have more anxiety and then cue the conspiracy theories. 

I’m not saying this isn’t real or this isn’t serious. 

Please, take precaution. Stay indoors as much as you can, get to know your family again and most importantly, make it fun!

Amidst all the chaos please remember – we’re not being punished, we’re being prepared. 

Often times when I am faced with a difficulty and I’ve had 5 minutes (or 5 hours) of my pity party I ask God “what can I learn in this season? What role do you want me to play in this?” 

We don’t serve a complicated God. His answers are pretty simple. Most the time I hear Him say “Be still and know…” However, any of my fellow cholerics in control will understand this when I say, being still is NOT considered our strength. I see His glory shine through best when I stop trying to save the world and start serving the world. 

It’s realizing that we’re not the hero and we were never called to be. 

Being in quarantine feels like being grounded when we were younger for something we didn’t do. But what if God is using this to remind us what to be grounded in? 

If you look at it that way, It’s not punishment as much as it is pruning. 

So many of us have been so busy doing, that we don’t know how to just be anymore. 

I heard this and I loved it so much. 

“Imagine how God would move if we spent those 20 seconds washing our hands to pray for the world” 

As we’re practicing “self distancing” were pruning for a greater good. By sowing the seeds with a deeper connection to God in this season, the harvest in the next will be exceedingly and abundantly more than we could ever imagine. 

Let us use this time to see who we really are behind closed doors. 

Guest Contributor – Kat Papadakis

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