Getting Ready for the Weekend – An Update from Shannon!



I can barely recognize the person I once was.

I used to react emotionally to everything. I used to try to fix everyone’s problems. I used to overthink everything to the point of emotional insanity. I used to internally destroy myself. When I look back at my childhood and the way it bled into my adult life, I could not believe all the codependent, parental inversion, and judgement rooted behaviors I exhibited.

Who I am now is a completely different person. After about a year and a half of working with Bill, forgiving my parents, using REBT forms to rewire how I think, cognitive therapy, and praying to God I can hardly even remember the way I used to handle everything in my life. I am more free because I don’t try to fix everyone or myself. Instead I have learned to forgive and give everything to God. I am no longer my own “god”. I am less anxious because I am not as codependent on others of what they do and don’t do, so it doesn’t consume me anymore the way it did.

I don’t even have to use the REBT forms anymore because I have rewired the way I think to be in sequence with the forms automatically now.

I used to think being free was about getting out of a bad situation, escaping to another place to leave old problems, or just cutting someone out of my life. I now know that the true freedom that I have experienced has come from freeing myself from all the issues and pain I was dragging with me through life and letting God truly show me who I am, and who He is as well.

Thank you Bill for helping me to become who I am today; a woman I am proud of being and that I love. 

  • Shannon

I asked Shannon to give an update with the weekend coming up dealing with root systems. Shannon was one with root systems all the way back into her childhood, that were entangled in her current everyday life. Without the crucial step up uncovering all the unforgiveness, bitterness, and judgements, Shannon could never have effectively dealt with her codependency, parental inversion, depression and anxiety, let alone her thought life. She is a shining and glaring example of what we are presenting this weekend. She is now more “free to be”, and “free to become” than ever; in her own life, relationships, and business life. Thank You Shannon!


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