What Is Really Happening?

I have talked with many people over the past few weeks, and one of the hallmarks of our conversations is the vulnerability we are feeling in our hearts during this trying time.

The ability, under normal circumstances, to just keep going and avoid the issues in our lives that need most attention, are now staring us in the face as many of us are in close proximity to each other a lot of the time. It’s no longer as easy to cover things up, hide, ignore the most important things. We don’t have as many excuses.

This is what’s happening. This is our opportunity to get some things right, to stop dodging and excusing. I had a meeting with a young woman today. We hadn’t met in a while and I asked her how she was doing. ” I think I am doing really good.” She went on to tell me the things that she was doing, and not being bogged down with things and functioning well. AKA, F.I.N.E.

As she was telling me how well she was doing, I asked her why she came to me in the first place, as it seemed that there might be no reason to be sitting with me if you are FINE. She basically said, well because this is what I do. I get to place where I know I need to deal with my life, I recognize it, I start doing things, get busy and I find that I can move forward so I keep going. Then I hit the wall, and then basically repeat the process. (Paraphrased).

Ah-ha! There it is. So we need to stop this cycle of not dealing with what is really broken inside, the root systems that keep driving this behavior pattern from underneath the surface.

This is what we are going to be going through in our training tomorrow. Along with the teachings, we have nine powerful testimonies from people who have invested the time, the heart and energy and resources to get to the root systems in their lives that keep them in destructive and dysfunctional cycles in their lives.

This is your time to be bold and courageous and lay hold of this aspect of the process of change, that without, will be impossible to get where you want to go. See you soon!

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