Performance Orientation

“I’ve tried so hard to be who I want to be, I forgot who I am.” Elijah House

Over the weekend, our associate Damalie shared that ” Our true selves are lost at the altar of performance.” It is true. We sacrifice our genuine true selves so often to find an illusive, non existent “me”. All this born out of not knowing who we genuinely are, and our intrinsic value.

The reality is we already have everything we need for life. God has given it to us. This doesn’t mean that we don’t get educated, learn skills, find a profession, operate in business. We will do all of those things and more. But my value is not changed by doing any of these things or not doing any of these things.

My value is already assigned. This is my axis. When I accept this, I am free to be and become all that I have been designed to be. If I try and do things to make me “somebody”, my ego and pride are in force, and I am now in bondage to performing to earn the praise of people, hoping that I will get the all important accolade that “identifies” me as “someone”. I already am someone, and I have unique gifts, talents, and a purpose to match them. I find them by allowing myself to be intrinsically identified. Any other approach will always leave you stuck in performance orientation.

Performance orientation is an attitude of doing the right things for the wrong reasons – striving to win acceptance and love, and establish identity.

”Performance orientation is a term that refers neither to the work we do nor the things we accomplish, but to the false motives, which propel us to do what we do. Once we bring performance orientation to death, we can find worth or value in who we are, not just in what we do.”

Source – Elijah House/BH

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