Changing the World

You can’t change the world until you change your mind.

What does this mean?

It means that many have great aspirations of being a world changer, but they simply don’t invest in their own personal development, their character, their relationships, marriages,etc. In other words, it becomes a purely “outward” pursuit. Something we are “doing”, instead of “becoming.”

A “world changer”, is someone who embodies the passion, love, desire,vision, character, humility to be surrendered to something bigger than themselves. The point is, it is “someone”. It’s not “something” someone is doing. It’s a gift really, as it is inspiration that comes from the desire to change things for the better, not for profit, but for the good and betterment of others.

Can anyone be a world changer? And what does the term really refer to?

I will use myself as an example. In my life I was a loser. Drug addict, alcoholic, dysfunctional, and at certain points in my life, unemployable. Upon entering into recovery, and ultimately surrendering my life to God, I developed a desire, vision to help people find a new life, get off the streets of NY, and discover their own purpose. The first day I “tried out” New York City Relief 30 years ago, I found myself looking for people to invite to the bus at Port Authority in NY.

While I was in the mens room, a random homeless man approached me and started to tell me his story of eviction and not being able to find help in his situation. He asked me this question which I never forgot: “Do you know some kind of higher authority or power that can help me?”

I remember thinking in that moment… “what a perfect question!” I said yes! God! He wants to help you… and so do we! “Why don’t you come over to the Relief Bus and we will see what we can do.” At that moment, I knew that I could make a difference in the lives of people in my world, one at a time. As a result, I sold my house and everything else, joined New York City Relief as a Urban Missionary with no salary, because I knew that if I did what God wanted me to do with my life, He would provide for me.

As a result, I have been able to impact the lives of tens of thousands of people in the world around me, went back to school, became a pastor, counselor, leader, mentor, trainer and more. I did all of that with no actual salary. No profit financially. My payment was the joy of helping people and accomplishing the will of God in my life.

All of that led me to becoming who I am today, who I have become, and to the current form of changing the world around me, coaching, mentoring, counseling, discipling hundreds and hundreds in business.

All this because I was available to become the person that God intended me to be… not just to “do” what He wanted me to do. That’s why we focus on helping people become who they genuinely are and discover their purpose. Then they too can be candidates to become “world changers.”


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