Embracing Uncertainty

Here is the stark reality. Everything in life that we put our trust in and count as certain, (outside of God), is actually not certain. The only thing about all those things is they will actually all pass away at some point.

Nothing lasts that the earth produces. The only thing that lasts is love, and God is Love.

…is this an opportunity, then, to actually capitalize on this reality? The answer is a resounding yes! But, it will take a paradigm shift. What would that shift look like?

First, you have to understand that the things you have put trust in previously are not as trustworthy as you thought. For example, if we put a huge amount of stock in our “financial security”, we find out how fragile economy really is. It doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t plan well financially, we most 100% certainly should… that’s not the issue, “trust” and “security” are the issue.

I’ve talked to several people during this crisis that have completely realized this reality. They have seen that, “if I just had a little more I would feel more secure” temptation speak to them. But they have gotten wise to that lie. What then IS the approach that we can and should have then?

It is, as always, “both and”. What does that mean? It means that you should indeed be a wise steward of the money you have been given, and the work you have been given, but you don’t put your faith, hope and trust in it alone. With that , you put your faith, hope and trust in God. ( God means different things to people, I understand that. God in my life is in the form of the Trinity).

Money cannot save you, give you peace, or certainty, God can. But you might say, how can God give me certainty? Here is the main difference. Money is uncertain and unreliable as it is only existing in a finite world. God’s world is infinite, that includes our lives after we leave this earth. Which ties into our mortality, which this pandemic brings right to our face.

When we release faith and trust to God, we find peace as we know not only will we be ok here, but also, if we should fall victim to a disease, or other death, my soul is with God. Oh, and by the way, Covid-19 is not the only thing that threatens our lives. You can get any number of illnesses or get into an accident or literally anything, anyday. But when a particular threat is present, our spiritual senses are awakened, and heightened.

That leads to the point in the header photo. UNCERTAINTY is OPPORTUNITY. Opportunity… Why? Things are ALWAYS uncertain. We just don’t see it. The earth is spinning too, we don’t feel it. That means, you plan things based on the reality that things are NOT certain. Like, having 6 months of funds saved in case of a challenge like this. But on a larger scope, we need to see everything through a different lens. Corporations build business thinking that it’s always going to be plentiful. It will not. We have to plan for that. Organizations plan as if their current leaders will always be there… they will not. They need a succession plan. You don’t wait for something to happen and then try and find a replacement.

Everything is always uncertain, therefore everything is always possible.

This indicates that when we “rest” on our supposed security, we may well not plan well for an uncertain future, thinking it is. Whether it be business, personal finance, family relations, our our eternal soul… now is the time to not just wait for “things to get back to normal”, the normal illusion. Now is the time to re-evaluate everything perhaps, and see what you are trusting in. Then, when things “get back to normal, (which you can likely forget about; recession, domino effects from this event), you won’t be behind the eight ball in any area. Embracing uncertainty as a way of life will give you the edge in creative and wise planning all the time.

Nothing is certain on this earth except that we will leave it one day.


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