Life is Fleeting

Life is short. One huge reality we face in times of a crisis like the one we’re in, is that life is a very short

It usually doesn’t feel that way so we many times don’t live that way. We do well to plan like it will go on forever, and live like there is no tomorrow. But what does that look like?

I’ve always liked the word; abandoned. Abandonment to God and His plan for my life is all I really want. But why? Because I know and have learned over time His way is best for me. He loves me fully and completely so when I try to pull it off on my own, I wind up confused or in some other way lacking the peace He gives me when I am living according His will.

But when reading a message like this there are those that want to “know “ how to do this so they can get what they think they want. That’s not it. So many times in my walk with God it’s been the things I didn’t necessarily want or thought I needed that He gave me. But on the other side of it all I found the peace joy and contentment that took me the next step.

“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart. “ This is not an incantation to get from God what you want. If you let Him perpetually transform you He will transform your desires into His, and He will withhold no good thing. “ if you ask anything, in My Name and according to My will I will give it to you.”

Seek Him. He wants to be found by you.


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