Make a Difference to the One In Front of You

Heidi Baker is a missionary whose Iris Missions are global. She is a great woman of faith. Her husband Rolland and herself have impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands. Heidi is one of the most inspiring people to me in the world. The reason? While their work cares for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of hundreds of thousands, their approach is a simple one…

“Just love the one in front of you.”

This speaks to the idea of becoming a world changer that we have previously touched on. Change yourself first. Heidi and Rolland do what they do out of a life change within themselves. They’re small beginnings were the seeds not of setting out to save millions, but to love and care for the one person in front of them. In fact, most people who want to be a part of Iris, want to be a part of “Heidi” as well, because they want what Heidi has…. a vibrant, demonstrative and contagious love for God and people. Love for the one.

In New York City Relief, we always knew we were not called to solve the “homeless problem” in NYC. We were called to “feed the hungry, clothe the naked, provide people with Shelter”, all in the name of the Lord. In that equation similarly, 8,000 volunteers come to work every year with NYCR not only to serve the poor, but also to adopt the Heart of NYCR, to demonstrate genuine love to each individual person met on the streets, one at a time.

Now, what about you in your life; your home life, work life, business life? How shall we live? Love the one in front of you. If you do that rightly with your spouse, significant other, family members and yes, your neighbor, you indeed will find the secret; “Love your neighbor as yourself, and do to them what you would like to have done to you.”

Then you will be a strong candidate to be a world changer, one life at a time. If you can be trusted with one, then another and another, you will find you can be entrusted with increasing numbers, one at a time.

“It’s not complicated, love the one in front of you.”


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