Ego Awareness

In terms of Emotional Intelligence, being “ego aware” is essential. I usually say things like, “befriend your ego”. Get to know your ego and understand how it’s functioning. The graphic above describes some ego-aware stages that you can familiarize yourself with that will help you get in touch with your own ego.

Many people are completely unaware of their ego and how it’s functioning. When this happens, the first category tends to be characteristic of how we are responding in relationship to others and to issues of life. This is the place where you tend to be egocentric. The negative aspects of your temperament will tend to be present here. Protective of self, the need to be right, inability to receive correction, and more depending on temperament propensities.

The next stage in growing in understanding is dependent on taking your thoughts, feelings and emotions captive in an effective way. You’re beginning to see that the world is not focused on you, and doesn’t revolve around you. You’re beginning to discern what’s real and what’s not concerning the doings of your life.

As you continue to grow, the witness, or conscious stage can emerge. The “real you” can begin to be realized here. Without this growth, you will stay stuck in being unsure of who you really are, thus making room for self protection to remain. ( In a multitude of forms).

The final stage is when you are truly comfortable in your own skin. You know who you are, no false self in control, no insecurities in control, humility is present, an unassuming posture becomes evident. You don’t need the ego stroking of approval from others to cloak you with your (false self) identity. The ability to love and be loved more genuinely, and the ability to not be concerned about what other people think about you; not in a cocky “I don’t care what you think” way, but in a way that reflects your confidence in who you are, freeing you up to only want to see others grow and prosper.

Finally, your “God-fidence” anchors you in your heart. You know who you are, (imperfect as we all are), and you know that God is pleased with you as you are trusting in Him to provide your intrinsic value.

Proverbs 29:25 (Msg)

“The fear of human opinion disables;
    trusting in God protects you from that.”

BH/ Source: @the.holistic.psychologist

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