Quarantine: Blessing or Curse? With Mike Signorelli

My friend and associate Pastor Mike Signorelli, in his Easter message from Times Square today, brought out the message I have been also sharing over the past few weeks. Basically, that we have an opportunity during this season of social separation to look inside our hearts, our relationships, our minds, and get in touch with ourselves, those closest to us, and God.

Here is an excerpt from his message:

We have a problem:  We have a problem that all known technology cannot solve. We have a problem that all known science cannot solve. Humanity finds ourselves here, in this place, again and again. We eventually learn how to solve sickness, but we can’t seem to solve sin and corruption on our own. Medicines help our bodies to heal, but our hearts and minds are still sick. 

We provide food for hunger, but after we eat, there’s a longing that remains. It’s another hunger.  Humanity hungers for spiritual significance

I’m standing in Times Square. This is a monument to capitalism and democracy. The largest and most grandiose advertisement displays are here. But it remains empty today because of COVID-19. It remains empty because of a problem that no amount of money or politics can solve. I don’t put my trust in Washington, in the United Nations, I don’t put my trust in myself. I don’t put my trust in my money. I put my trust in my Lord Jesus Christ. When it all crumbles and shatters HE WILL BE THERE. 

The quarantine of me. Our mind has been quarantined inside of our skulls for a lifetime. Our hearts have been similarly walled in. We’ve been desperately trying to get out of our own heads.  HUMANITY ITSELF is quarantined. Trapped inside the smallness of our own thinking. 

Celebrities buy bigger homes, but they’re just quarantined in a bigger cage, they’re still not free. All the money. All the fame. All of the adoration…. Eventually they wake up to the realization that they’re still in trapped in the quarantine of themselves.

This is what it means to be in the quarantine of me. But the Bible is clear that God is from another place. This world was created for us, but heaven is His dwelling place. For God so loved OUR world, that He sent Jesus, His spirit, from another world called Heaven.

Jesus came that quarantined hearts could be released into true relationship. Relationship with Him, with ourselves, and others. Genuine, authentic relationships that are born out of a genuine healed heart from the brokenness of our lives, and reconciled… yes, even resurrected. Jesus came that quarantined minds could run free in heavenly spaces even while here in space and time. “

This is what it means to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. But if you are just waiting for the quarantine to be over as fast as possible so that you can “get back to normal”, you may just be missing one of the most important blessings that God has offered you. To seize the solace, and discover Him, and a more complete and genuine you.

BH/ Adapted excerpt by Pastor Mike Signorelli

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