Exponential Growth – With Andres and Laura Llanos

One of the great blessings of the work that we do is that we have the opportunity to continue to work with people at many different stages of their journey. Andres and Laura have been a continual example of doing the work and getting the results. They have invested their resourses and their hearts in their relationship and is shows. Here is installment number three of their story!

“Here we are, almost a year later after our wedding, experiencing tremendous gratitude for all of the time we’ve dedicated to becoming who we are today, the relationships we’ve been blessed with, the community we’re cultivating, the root systems we’ve healed and most importantly, the priority we chose to give ourselves the day we went all in. We’re still in the middle of it, sometimes it looks great, sometimes it looks messy – sometimes WE look great, sometimes WE look messy, too. Our faith is strong and steady, but that does not mean we have not been tested. 

One of my biggest faith testers sneaked up on me 2 weeks ago. In the midst of the uncertainty our world is facing, my mother began to feel many of the symptoms of COVID-19. It escalated quickly and we couldn’t really wait for a test to confirm what seemed obvious. Her doctor recommended she quarantine and “hope she gets through it”. She is recovering and little by little, she is coming out of the valley. What struck me the most was the word hope – that essence that can be so faded in a time of fear and desperation. I’m not only at high risk due to my asthma but since we do live in the same house, we all pretty much had to take strict measures, come together, lock arms with hope and fight back. Trusting God’s presence through it all not merely asking for healing and victory but expressing our gratitude for all the little things sometimes we take for granted, our breath, our reason for being, the gift of life and choice, etc.

Thinking back, this is a lesson we learned a year and a half ago. Who would have thought that it would take more than a year, 31 days in quarantine, a global pandemic and the enemy in the room…-__-…to know why we went through something and the importance of the follow-through with our decisions. 

The alignment we expected or planned for really didn’t match God’s plan, His alignment may seem out of order in my eyes but perfect in its reality. Uncertain to us but fruitful for our journey. Being open to and seeking counseling has allowed us to become patient with our transformation, aware of our being and graceful with each other. Becoming one had a different meaning a year ago, it was a cherishable moment, a commitment to doing life together. Today, it’s been strengthened and maximized by tests that have allowed us to step into the responsibility of actually doing life together and for each other. Trusting that we are better together and with Him, we are stronger. The couple who went through premarital counseling is almost unrecognizable. Andres’ transformation has not only been admirable to witness but an honor to be part of. Uncertain of the work that a strong and healthy marriage took, a year and a half ago he committed to doing whatever it took to make it work, submitting not only his ego but his uncertainty – locking arms with hope and fighting back! (the irony, huh!)

Today, because of my high risk and my father’s higher risk with the virus, Andres is the only person that can actually serve my mother in ways that we are unable to and in all that I see God’s hand. It is an act of love that is indescribable and I believe it births from the intimacy we have been able to experience in ALL we do – when we do things together or for each other. In the middle of the storm we have also realized that the prosperity that our relationship holds has allowed us to simultaneously continue to give our best to our community, have peace with the financial stability we have developed through mentorship and have the liberty and peace of mind to give to those who are going through the same or even worse during this challenging times. 

Our realities may look ambiguous and things may seem unaligned but we continue to walk in faith because that was the decision we made before the storm hit. It’s not easy but no one said it would be. We are thankful for the CustomizeYourLife community, the mentorship and the relationship we have cultivated with Bill Hoffman – we love you! & we cannot thank you enough for taking us under your wing, not accepting our excuses, having a vision for us before we did and serving us with your unconditional mentorship and support. “

Counseling and coaching people like these two make it all worthwhile. They are a great testimony of faith, accountability, commitment, community, and the great fruit that can be produced in lives that are laid down.

Isaiah 54:17 The Living Bible

“But in that coming day
    no weapon turned against you will succeed.
You will silence every voice
    raised up to accuse you.
These benefits are enjoyed by the servants of the Lord;
    their vindication will come from me.
    I, the Lord, have spoken”

BH/ Laura and Andres Llanos

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