Strength for the Battle (Covid19 Encouragement).

I had a meeting today with a nurse on the front lines in NY. She is the first front line health care worker in New York I have spoken with since this Covid thing started ravaging our world.

She is staying in a hotel paid for by FEMA. She cannot go home and see her son or mom, she has to be separated from them to protect them. It’s lonely, challenging, depressing… a battle.

I asked her how I could be of help in supporting her through this time. She was very quick to answer; I need strength. I need scriptures on strength. We talked about how the reality is she is a believer, but in the fray, and staring death in the face day after day, and the carnage of this thing, her connection with God can seem distant. I shared with her how He promises never to leave us or forsake us, and that the light in her is bigger than her. And that it still shines even when she can’t perceive it. And that that light is there not only for her, but for her co workers and patients.

I shared that “even darkness is light to God.” And that as Brennan Manning says, ” we see the bright darkness of His glory.” And 2 Cor. 4:6 “Let light shine out of darkness,” He has shone in our hearts to give the light of the knowledge of God’s glory in the face of Jesus Christ.”

All of this tells us that as dark as the world and its pain can get, God is always there, even if we don’t necessarily perceive Him. She is a carrier of that light. And His strength is perfected in her weakness.

So I want to say thank you to all front line health care workers, all nurses, doctors, EMT workers, and all responders who face this most devastating pandemic every day. Thank you and may God bless you and give you peace in the midst of the battle, encouragement when discouragement is pressing in, strength when you are weak, hope in a seemingly hopeless situation, and grace to carry on.


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  1. “even darkness is light to God” Love this. Thanks for sharing, Bill. Powerful message as always.

    Very special thanks to all those on the front lines, risking their lives to protect all of us.

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