Great Leaders are Great Followers First

You know, the Apostle Paul was likely a Choleric. Basically a born leader. The only problem was, when he was still Saul, he was a “leader”. Saul the Persecutor was his name and title. He became Paul the Apostle after being struck blind on the Damascus road… so he could see. See what?

He saw Jesus, the Truth. As usual, we need to be stopped running the wrong race and be redirected to the right race, or plan that God has for us. Paul was always meant to lead, but prior to conversion, her served the wrong purpose in his life… then he became the “right ” leader, and the contributor of much of the New Testament. The New Testament that as believers, we follow to lead us to Truth.

In 1 Corinthians 11:1, Paul says, “Follow me as I follow Christ.” In the chapter, he goes on to talk about the principals of headship, or levels of leadership as it were. The point I am making here, is that Paul knew who he was following. That he wasn’t the be all or end all as the great apostle. He was a follower of Christ.

In the same way, we will choose whom we we will follow. Hopefully we are going to choose to follow people who are following God’s pathway; not necessarily in a “religious” way, but in a real, genuine way that is reflected in how their life is lived. Character, integrity, submission, accountability, and so on, are some of the attributes of people that we want to follow.

You will notice that Paul, though I believe always had the call of leadership on his life, did not always reflect these attributes. In fact in Romans 7, he goes through a self dialog sayin, “why do I do the things I do?” He was always in a process of transformation just like we can be. God was transforming him into the leader and person he was created to be. This gives us hope.

Though he was a murderer, and persecutor, he had a call on his life. He needed to be positioned to hear God and start to follow. In my life, I can relate. (No I have never murdered anyone, at least not physically, but in my heart). I was a poor example of a man. A drunk, addict, failure in life. God opened my eyes, I started following Him and men and women of God, and became a leader. I had NO idea that this was in my future back then. Nobody wanted to follow me. Now I have influence in people’s lives and they follow my example, teaching and leadership.

Leading was always in God’s plan for me, and it is for you too. There is nothing that will disqualify you unless you let it. The key to my success is that I became a follower of Jesus, and and follower of those who follow Him and lead me. Outside of that , I have no credibility or authority. I operate under the authority of God, and the people of God who lead and led me into God’s purpose in my life.


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