Know What You Don’t Know

The things you don’t know obviously outweigh what you do know. But when you are ego driven, you have a need you think, to know everything and have answers all the time. Especially a Melancholy who hates to appear incompetent. Or the Choleric who fully believes they “know”.

Two old sayings come to mind. “ The melancholy thinks they know everything but Cholerics know they know everything. “. The other; “ Those if you who think they know everything are very annoying to those of us who actually do. “

These quips are funny but real. I clearly remember living out of this posture 100% I could never be wrong. I used it to validate my existence even when I was a drunk. Somehow I knew more than anybody what should be done here and there.

I remember the day I learned I didn’t have to be right. I was working in a car dealership a hundred years ago. An incident happened and I was being accused something I didn’t do. I jumped up and down yelling at the owner how I wanted to do this and that and retaliate. He said something that changed my life forever. “ Bill, sometimes things are better left unsaid.”

Wow! Really!? I don’t have to be right? (I was right but didn’t need to prove it). Things worked out fine as I believe God was looking out for me before I even know Him. I remember feeling so relieved for the first time in my life that I didn’t have to be right and have all the answers all the time. What freedom to be able to say “I don’t know. “

I am still stubborn and think I know better in a lot of situations but I know I don’t need to know everything. God does. He wants us to be vitally connected to Him as the source of all knowledge and understanding. Our ancestors Adam and Eve ate of the tree that would give them inherent knowledge so they didn’t need to depend on God anymore.

When we think we have to be right all the time we are reflecting that reality and cut ourselves off from the Source through pride and ego. Give it a try. There’s a lot of pressure needing to be right and have all the answers when you clearly don’t.

Finally…. I learned that if I maintain that I don’t know anything, I am a candidate for everything. God resists the proud and gives grace to the humble.


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