You Can’t Conquer What You Don’t Confront

One of the most prevalent barriers to people getting the help and healing that they need when they start a process of counseling, is that so many times, they just don’t want to confront the deepest and most challenging issues that they know are in them.

They will work on lesser issues, skirt others, but have the most difficulty reaching in to the darkest parts of their hearts when the deepest pain resides.

They want to be free, and might even say they are willing to do anything to be free, but when you start going there they actually don’t. One of the reasons is the uncomfortability of change. It’s like knowing or at least suspecting that we have a physical condition that needs the attention of a doctor, but we are afraid to go because of the pain it might bring and what might be discovered. Or won’t go to the dentist to get a bad tooth pulled. We’d rather use anbesol, (pain killer), as long as I can to avoid going to actually take care of the issue.

We don’t want our “comfort zones” disrupted even though we are uncomfortable in our comfort zones. We like the familiar, the easy way, the path of least resistance.

Another reason is exposure. Our ego’s are at stake. Yes I know I act that way and it continues to be hurtful to my significant other, but I would have to admit it and deal with and humble ourselves, but we fear the pain of humility, and the pain of going after the brokenness inside that is causing me to act out.

You just can’t conquer what you don’t confront.

Finally, we don’t confront things because we don’t see in us the goods to deal with what we may well know in in us. The good news is God is there to give us all the grace and power we need to do it. If we let Him, he will take us through any difficult thing that we need to confront. In the book of 1 Samuel 17: 32-37, the account of David coming up against the giant Goliath. Goliath is a “type” of the problems we face in our lives. David being a slight young man, had the boldness and courage to face the giant not due to his physical stature, but he had a history with God, and stated that the same God who had delivered him previously in other crises, would indeed deliver him in this current situation.

God wants us to develop a history of experiencing His faithfulness, so that whenever we face the giants in our lives, we will trust that He will ultimately conquer the giant in us and through us, with our active faith.

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