How Then Shall We Live?

Our lives matter. So if they do, how then shall we live?

Our lives indeed matter, and furthermore, we have purpose. We talk about purpose alot; but many times “purpose” is attached to “what we are going to do with our lives.” What we “do” with our lives, should really be an outflow of who we “are.”

So then Bill… what is my purpose. First, God tells us that He wants everyone to know Him and come to the knowledge of the Truth. Then of course the “Truth” will make is free. Not just knowing “about” the truth, but “knowing” the Truth. Jesus of course said, “I Am the Way, the Truth and the Life.” So what can that mean in terms of how we live?

Well, He wants us to have peace, be content, to trust Him, to have active faith, to live not for ourselves but for others, to be free to “be” our genuine selves the way we were designed. If we can find these things, we will also be more prone to find ourselves “doing” the will of God in our lives. To be “doers” of the Word.

So some might say, “ok Bill, but this sounds awful religious. Can you give me some practical examples?”

Sure… realize that “your own way” will not get you to this place. When your ego and selfish desires rule your life, that is not God’s intention. When you lack character and integrity and a desire to achieve power and success in life mostly for yourself and not to raise up others, this is not His will for your life. When you live under the tyranny of the urgent with stress, anger, fear, etc., and and don’t know your genuine self, that is not His will for your life.

So how then shall we live? We should live a life that puts God and others first. When we put Him first, and desire to live that way, He has the access to our hearts and minds so that He can transform us into the people He intended us to be. And that life has eternal value. The lives you can impact when you live this way can also be changed forever. Love never fails.

“True success is not measured by how much money you make, but by how many people are better off because you lived.” – Bill Britt

How then will you live?


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