Getting Ready for the Weekend!

Our EIS meetings are designed to help give you the “goods”, to help you discover your why, your purpose, and most importantly, your genuine self.

So what we “do” with our lives, should really be determined by “becoming” who we really are first, making way for a clearer understanding of what we will “do” with our lives.

This weekend will focus on why we do this work. Why we don’t believe that more and more “leadership technique” will ever create the principle based leaders that are the genuine leaders who will be forerunners for others to follow.

True leadership starts with a healthy individual, and is translated out of their lives through their integrity, character, knowing who they are, living out of their authentic selves. Not only that but their lives are dedicated to helping others, not merely themselves.

Many times we have people set up for ultimate failure because the condition of their life cannot sustain the rigors of leaderships demands.

It is very common to live out of your false self, gain skill-sets that are impressive, and “get ahead”, but if you are a broken person underneath it all, it will surface one way or the other. It comes out in anger, addictions, pride, insecurities, dishonesty, inauthenticity and more. Worse, in broken relationships. Interpersonal relationships and business relationships suffer when we are not healed and still, for example, live out of our broken childhood scripts, creating the dysfunctional patterns that keep us cycling through broken relationships, and bad leadership results. All of that can force us into thinking we need to be something we’re not.

So we set out to “customize our lives”. But you have heard us say it many times… If you attempt to customize your life, you need to know who you really are, or you might try to emulate someone else that you think has it all together. Then not only do you sell yourself short, but the community at large also misses out on all the uniqueness that you are designed to bring to the table.

This weekend will help you see the need to enter into a process that can help you discover yourself, build prosperous relationships, healthy and genuine leadership realities, and a heart to serve.

See you there! (Virtually!)


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