How Far Will You Go?


There is just no way around it. We are made for helping other people get where their hearts desire lies. But why?

If we are designed to prosper, which we are, the only way to prosper is to help other people. You won’t want to help others unless you are free to do so. A common misconception is that I have to make it before I help others get there… a sure fire way way to not get where you want to go.

Oh, and how does God fit into this equation? Well, in every way possible, but it says, “delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart.” If I delight myself in the Lord, then He can transform “my” desires into His. Then it’s easy. What does He do, what does He want?

He wants us to be and become all we are designed to be. Then we can be free to serve others and raise them up to be everything they were designed to be. But what about me? He takes care of that. So I don’t have to worry about making it big to lead. We lead along the way. If I know something or achieve something I owe it to the world around me because it was given to me in the first place. People want to follow leaders who love them and that know their best interest is genuinely the leaders goal.

So how far will you go in helping others prosper? In order to answer that you have to know what prosperity is. It’s not making a lot of money. It’s about the whole person prospering. That means my relationships, my family, my neighbor, my health, my vocation, and my service to the larger community around me.

I remember the movie Schindler’s List. Oscar Schindler gave his all, all he had to save the imprisoned and tortured Jews in the holocaust. I never forgot the end of the movie when he wept saying; “I could have saved more!” He gave his entire fortune to save as many people as he could. He was quoted to say, “I had to help them, there was no choice.”

We do have a choice, and when we choose the way we were meant to, we will be and become the leaders we were intended to be. This involves trust. Trust that it’s really not about me, but about God’s intentions. If I align myself with His intentions, I find that my life travels the pathway He designed for me.

The only question is, “how far will you go to help others?”


PS. See you this weekend!

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