Coming Soon… The Real You

Are you tired of being a poser, faker or wannabe? Are you tired of living out of your false self? Are you tired of trying to impress the people you think are important in your world? Are you tired of coping with your insecurities and covering it all up and coping and hoping?

You have the opportunity to break out of an ego-centric lifestyle and being sabotaged by pride. There is a process that can work to help set you free to become the genuine person you were meant to be.

If this is true, why is it so hard to do?

It’s because it’s a process that is not easy. We want things fast and easy. It took us all our lives to get to this broken place, and yet we want to fix in in a few weeks, and “get on with it. It doesn’t work this way.

This weekend you will learn how entering process of transformation can start you on a journey of change that lasts a lifetime. We will be presenting 6 testimonies of individuals and couples that have been in the process for a short time, and for several years.

If you want to stop cycling through futile and destructive patterns; if you want to position yourself to discover your why, your purpose; if you want to discover the real you, join us this weekend. Looking forward to seeing you all virtually soon!

Bill Hoffman

PS. This is a closed event to a specific organization.

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