Root Canal

So of course getting ready for our weekend of training and understanding how understanding how important is to get to the root systems in our hearts, so that we can uncover the genuine “us”, I had several conversations today with people at various stages of the process.

The bottom line is that, just like a tooth gone bad in the roots, if we put a topical pain killer on it it is only going to have temporary results that will only buy me some time. Eventually you will need to go to the dentist and get a root canal or possibly an extraction. It would have been a lot easier to take care of the tooth better, and tend to good oral hygiene to prevent a problem.

We have the same problem emotionally and spiritually. When the root systems in our hearts are bad, we experience emotional and spiritual dysfunction many levels, and we can’t fix that with pain killers, or temporary fixes. And also like a tooth, if you put a crown on before the root is repaired, you will wind up removing the new crown because it will not fix the root as good looking as it might be. In like fashion, if we layer over top of our baggage, trauma, and dysfunction, great leadership techniques and tactics, it will be like the tooth scenario. That new crown will have to be removed eventually.

This sets the stage for the upcoming weekend. We will be learning how we can effect spiritual and emotional root canal. It’s a painful process, but if we don’t do it, we can easily wind up putting on our false selves to cover over our deeply unhealthy root systems. Then it permeates our relationships personally and professionally. Ultimately, if we can never discover our true selves and find healing, we will not discover our why, our purpose, and walk in the prosperity that God intends for our lives.

You might be successful in some areas, but you won’t discover and realize true leadership from the inside out. Then you need to understand proactive emotional health care, like preventative oral care. One of my dentists over the years replied to a question, “do I have to floss all my teeth?” His answer; ” No! Only the ones you want to keep.” You also need to practice certain disciplines that help ensure good emotional and spiritual health and growth.

This weekend you will learn how the process affords you the opportunity to enter the process of true life transformation from the inside out. We will be presenting comprehensive teaching to provide the understanding you need, and several interviews with individuals and couples that are in the process at various stages, and hear their compelling, powerful stories and testimony.

See you there on Zoom!


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