Our Purpose

It’s been a very special weekend and I am a little emotional right now. But I am overwhelmed with gratitude for this family right now. As we enjoyed an incredible sunset together, the love in my heart overflowed. God has put us together so His purpose could be established in us and then through us.

It starts with loving each other, and then everyone else. This weekend has given all us the opportunity to walk in that love and purpose. Not only do I have wonderful friends to enjoy, and God, but we get to partner together to reach thousands.

This is my special thank you to God and Tony and Frances for their love an partnership in God’s commission to bring His good news to all the world.

Thank you

Sunset tonight
Dan and Shannon
Matt and Vanessa

I’ll post more later… all the pics won’t load right now. But additionally thanks to the tech team, Anthony Spark, Darrien Garay, Sean and Kay, Henry and Alexandra, Jackie and Luis, Damalie and everyone else who joined in this incredible weekend: A testimony of God’s Grace.

I love you all!!


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