Tearing Down Strongholds

What is a stronghold anyway?

Many strongholds consist of a pattern of thinking that your mind travels down regularly over a period of time. Strongholds in the mind are able to be torn down, or transformed into truthful patterns that replace the un-godly ones.

The way we do this is be taking our thoughts captive to the obedience of Christ. So what does that mean? That means that we have to believe the truth over whatever lie is dominating our thought lives, and be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

So let’s take a simple example. And we will also include the temperament element in the equation.

So lets say I am a Supine temperament in affection. I grew up needing lot’s of love, affection and affirmation. But my parents were anything but that. And I don’t even know how to express that I need this on my life. Not only that but my dad tells me that I will never make anything out of my life.

So I go on in life, feeling unlovable, and also that I will never be able to make anything out of my life. So I have believed a lie because God says I can do all things through Him. Also that I am fully and completely loved by Him, and that he would like that love to identify me.

But on proverbs is says that “as a man thinks, or believes in his heart, so he is. So the stronghold is hence created in me at an early age that carries into my adult relationships, and I go into relationships and even jobs believing that I am not loveable or capable, and I act out of that stronghold and become a self fulfilling prophecy.

None of this is God’s will. His will is that we would believe the truth about who we are so that we can become all He created us to be. Now… there are other aspects of strongholds like “demonic” strongholds in which, for example, a “spirit” begins to exert control over us to a degree. These types of strongholds many times are “invited” and we give the devil a foothold, because we are already believing a lie.

So that same person we used as an example, might go through “oppression” or “depression” emotional states where the devil has interjected hopelessness and despair.

All strongholds are subject to the truth or the lie to keep them in place. Godly strongholds like compassion for others are fueled by the truth that says “love your neighbor as yourself. Ungodly strongholds are fueled by lies and accusations of the devil similarly. You become what you believe. The Bible says that the devil accuses us day and night before the Father.

So the devil is just doing what he does. What are we doing to pay attention to our own minds are hearts? Are we playing victim to the devil and blaming it on him? He’s just doing what he does… what are we doing?

Taking our thoughts captive and believing the truth will make us free but we have to believe in our hearts and let the truth define us, not merely “agree” with it intellectually.

You will likely need some help in breaking through a stronghold in your life. There are many other contributing elements that may need to be addressed.


Resource: Battlefield of the Mind – Meyer

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