Trust the Process

The Process.

The process is a specific pathway that includes several steps that help create a pathway for an individual to discover their genuine selves, deal with their broken past, forgive themselves and others who have hurt them, release judgements against others, learn how to deal effectively with their thought life, and understand their temperament, or, why they do the things they do.

Soon there will be a book released that presents this process in a tangible way. One of the things, I believe, that has blocked people from tapping in to such a process, is the stigma of “going for help” to a counselor or therapist, in the traditional terminology.

Rather, a process of change and transformation that helps people become their genuine selves, deal with their dysfunction in relationships, discover deep emotional healing, and effect change and transformation in marriage, becomes a palatable, viable and even desirable choice. In addition, terms like coaching, mentoring, and emotional intelligence specialists, help remove the stigma. Old stigmatic terms like going to a shrink, therapist, psycho, etc, have continued to be replaced with more accurate terms as mentioned above.

I believe “coach” and “mentor” are much more accurate descriptions of people who help people discover emotional health, relational health, even leadership and business health. Dealing with our broken moral compasses as well is a part of that process.

So in my soon to be released book, The Process, all of this will be presented and outlined in Journey format. We’re not just going to get “fixed” so that we can “get better” and just move on from there. We are being, becoming, all that we are intended to be, and helping others do the same. We are journeying together.

Keep an eye out for The Process: to be released soon!


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