Changed Lives

Over the next few days I will be featuring testimonies of people who’s lives have been changed andestimonoes a transformed by God’s grace, through going through a process of transformation.

These are people that I have worked with personally so I am very much acquainted with their stories, and have a personal vested interest in their lives as a result. They all mean alot to me. As these people share their stories we believe that many others will be inspired to get the help they need to discover the change they are looking for in their lives as well.

With this, I want to invite you to submit your testimonies to me at If you have been helped in any way through EIS we want to hear from you! I cannot guarantee that every story will be shared but we will do our best. Testimonies are the evidence of changed lives… living stories of perpetual transformation.

Stay tuned these next several days. We have very powerful stories starting tomorrow. We look forward to hearing yours as well!

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