Pepe and Anita – Winning the Battle

Pepe and Anita

These are my longtime friends, Pepe and Anita. We go way back and have helped each other and our families go through thick and thin. I am so grateful for their lives… they played an integral role in our lives as a family and we would not be who we are today without them.

Interestingly, when Pepe first came to me for counseling, at the first meeting, which is common of course, I asked him what brought him to see me. He proceeded to tell me that he was F I N E, and that things were going good, maybe he could use a little tweak here and there. I then said, “if you are fine then why are you here?”

This changed the course of events forever, though it took a while. The second thing I presented to Pepe was the APS profile. He proceeded to tell me that he didn’t believe in such things to define him, etc. So clearly I am “0 for 2” at this point! But God! God began to open his and also Anita’s heart and the healing of their lives and marriage was under way. Also, (here’s how God works), they both are currently getting their certification as Temperament Counselors as well as Pastoral Counselors!

Here is a small piece of their story. There are several additional miracle stories I could tell you about how God has used these two in many lives over the years… we will save them for subsequent posts… for now, enjoy.

“The transformation is undeniable. Our marriage is restored and thriving. Bill, (pre EIS), was the guiding force that took a marriage so broken and helped transform it into something beautiful. Here is how it all began.

I, Anita, came into the marriage as a wounded bird. I was abused at a young age and spent my childhood in isolation and sadness, believing that no one would or could take care of me, and I would spend my life having to fend for myself. No man could walk with me in marriage. No one could ever love me.

I, Pepe, I grew up without a father’s love and guidance, dad, was an irredeemable womanizer I swore not to be like him, an inner vow that directed my future decisions. Finishing high school, I decided to become a physician; since that moment, my whole behavior, identity, and  personality were aimed to succeed in my profession. This was a lopsided pursuit.

Bill Hoffman was the first one teaching me that personality is a mask that covers our real character. Bill helped me to be “real”, no more hiding behind a suit or a degree. He also helped me to grow spiritually and to become a servant husband instead of a self-serving one. I am eternally grateful to Bill.

With our broken pasts setting the stage for failure, we did fail. I, Anita, began working with Bill’s associate in the early stages of his counseling career. She began to unravel all the lies I had about myself and about my abilities to love others and be loved. The smoke was cleared, and I finally could invest in healing our marriage. 

Today, we enjoy a healthy, vibrant, loving marriage. We have opened our hearts and home to help other couples who are struggling to stay together and have better marriages. We are a living testimony of what can be accomplished through EIS’s transforming model. Thank you so much Bill for working with us, guiding us to a place of restoration and wholeness.”

Thank you guys! Love you so much and looking forward to all that God has in store for the future!

BH/Pepe and Anita

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