Phil and Tram – Overcoming Life

Transformed from the inside out

“When I first met pastor Bill I thought he was going to fix my wife for me. Little did I know what would unravel and become exposed the more we met and the more we dug deeper into what the real issues were. I initially thought I had a marriage problem. The reality was I had unresolved childhood trauma, unresolved anger and self-hatred, a communication problem and did not know how to process emotions that I had buried deep down inside and my solution had been hidden on the bottom of a bottle for many years.

I had heard this term vertical alignment many years prior but did not realize my “ISM” had blocked the flow and power of the number one priority in that alignment which is God. Pastor Bill helped me, for once in my life, shine a light on what had been cutting off my power source to a healthier, happier, Godly life and marriage. 

If not for Pastor Bill showing me the doorway to sobriety for me to step through and take action, I don’t think I would have walked through it, but I am so  glad I did. Since then I have put on a new “pair of glasses” and was able to peel off the masks I had been wearing for many years, and discover my true self. I was able to reconnect with my God, my spouse, my daughters and myself, and now for the first time in my life I feel comfortable in my own skin and have rediscovered my purpose. And, I am able to operate my life with God at the center of it and do His will for my life, not mine.” – Phil

“With God’s grace and counseling we have an amazing marriage now.  It wasn’t the case at all when couple years back when we came to counseling. We were broken and our marriage was in danger, and the last solution to save our marriage was counseling. We didn’t know if it would work or not, but we were open to counseling, because we didn’t want to give up on our marriage.

I remember I was frustrated and thought I couldn’t change my husband but through counseling I learned I first needed to work on myself, and take more care of me, and not try to babysit or change my husband Phil. ( I learned I was very codependent). Also when I changed me, my perspectives changed. First, I learned to be in control of my emotions. Then I learned how to be understanding of where my husband was at, and give him grace and space to be himself. I also learned how to accept and love my husband properly, and learned how to put my trust God and implement what I learned in counseling.

Another huge area that Pastor Bill taught me was that I was very codependent. When his drinking was bad, I would clean up his messes and “take care” of him, but blame him at the same time.  I needed to build healthy boundaries for the first time on our marriage to help myself and him as well as I was enabling him to keep drinking.

When Phil stopped drinking and entered into his sobriety journey, I saw my husband begin to become the Godly husband that I always dreamed of. There is always hope and I thank God everyday, He restored our marriage, and we now have a new love story and we love each other like never before, and bring out each other’s strengths, instead of focusing on our weaknesses. We found unity in our marriage and when our home team is united, we can conquer the world and now we are unstoppable from here.”  – Tram

“When we became united in a truly God glorifying marriage, because of counseling with Pastor Bill, all areas of our lives began to flourish! Our business has exploded and we have become better leaders worth following because we stand for something bigger than ourselves, and align with our core values.

God, marriage and then business. ( Proper vertical alignment.)

Our partners can see a huge different in us and they said it inspired them, because of our amazing marriage we have now. We are super grateful every day for the help we have received from Pastor Bill and EIS.” 

– Phil and Tram

Thank you Phil and Tram! I am so proud of how you did everything suggested to you to bring about the changes needed. I say it all the time… when people are 100% committed to the process, (not perfection), it opens the door for God to work miracles in our lives. Now you are a perfect example of this truth!


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