The Process – Does it Work?

The Process… the Book. The book has been in the making for over a year, and is about to be released in a few short weeks.

The past few days have featured testimonies of people’s lives that have been transformed from the inside out; in their individual lives, their relationships, businesses and marriages. And there are more to come!

But I wanted to take a moment to share with you that I will be featured on the @extraordinaryexcellence podcast! This was recorded during my last trip to NY with our latest EIS event.

Both Anthony and Sean are great friends and partakers of the Process themselves. In both of their marriages, they have experienced and continue to experience life transformation as they continue on in the Process.

We have known each other for several years now and it was a lot of fun getting together to record this episode… so I hope you enjoy it, and learn a little more about this process of transformation that we talk about and teach on all the time… why? Because it works. There is an old saying, “It works if you work it.”

This is certainly the case with the Process. It will work if you dedicate yourself to it, adopt the disciplines necessary, give it the dedication, time and energy that you would to anything that you see great value in, in your life… and this IS your life!

I look forward to your checking in tomorrow starting around 5AM EST! Start a new leg of your journey that lasts a lifetime. “Process with Progress” allows you to always love every version of yourself!

Blessings Your Way!


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