“Being” – Not “Doing”

Stephanie and her Family

One of the main themes we always present at our events and in all our counseling work and teachings, is learning that it’s not so much about “doing” as it is “being”. After all, we are human beings, not human doings.

In order to be that human being, we must learn how to “be”. That’s the part, we find, that people have the most trouble with. I certainly did. It took me years of “on the job process” to slowly discover who I was. Now, the most important part of my “work” is helping others discover their genuine selves, and “be”, so they can “become”, more and more over time, who they genuinely are.

This is not a destination, but a journey… a way of life. In the book of Acts in chapter 1, we are told that “we will have power, when the Spirit comes upon us, to BE His witnesses.” Not to DO anything, but rather to be. Below are some brief comments from my chiropractor and friend Stephanie. Over the two years I have been seeing her regularly, I have just “been”. Bump around San Clemente shorts and t-shirts, my only real agenda; keep my back in good working order! Along the way, I made a friend. Interestingly, I always felt she influenced me much more that I may have her.

Why? She always is selfless, helpful, great at what she does, and mostly, a bright light in my life always. So I asked her to share about our relationship as doctor and patient, and friends. ( She also has helped with my book!)

“Every week for the past two years, I have had the pleasure of interacting with Bill. First as his Chiropractor, and now as a good friend.  Bill inspires me and graciously helps me with my own process in becoming a better Mother, Wife, Doctor and Christian.

My journey in finding my true self and purpose in life has been emotionally and physically challenging, as I try to balance my work and personal life. Bill gives me insight and a different perspective on how to communicate better with my husband, set boundaries at work, and process my emotions. I recall reading specific dailies from the past and just thinking to myself, “ Wow, I am not alone. It’s ok to be vulnerable.” 

Personally, I always struggle to ask for help. I see it as a sign of weakness. This habitual behavior leads me to juggling too many things simultaneously, and as a result, I enter the endless cycle of depression, failure and isolation. Bill has encouraged me to journal my thoughts, which has really helped me mature emotionally and rewire my brain. I am happier, and it directly affects my relationships and quality of life. I am in control of my emotions and I choose to focus on the positive and present. Every day is a work in progress, but it is about having faith and gratitude for the small, simple things. 

Thank you for showing me my strengths as I work through my weaknesses, and empowering me to take control of my life.”

Thanks my friend, you just helped hundreds of other friends!

BH/ Stephanie

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