Letting Go

As many of you probably know, there are several serious health challenges currently in my family and with friends. Very serious.

It’s interesting to see how things change in an instant. One minute things are ok the next life seems to unravel. What do you do?

Once again I have discovered that there is only so much I can do. But my heart wants to do more, “make sure everything is ok” with everyone. But alas, in the physical realm certain things are not ok.

But we have to learn how to be ok when things around us out of our control are not. This does not indicate that we become emotionless people that have a protective barrier around them. It means that we are challenged to find God, God’s peace and grace in any and every situation we find ourselves.

The Bible calls it “ the peace of God that passes understanding that can guard your heart and mind in Christ.” But how? One way is through the exercise of faith, realized in “letting go.”

A perpetual releasing of the worry, the control, the fears, the anger, the what if’s. And once again I notice the more I am walking through this season, it grows… because it must. I need to keep meeting the challenges with ever increasing faith. As with everything else, it’s not a destination but a journey.

That journey, in God’s economy, leads to increasing revelation of who He is. He, by the way, is the ultimate destination. And the only real destination. Everything else in this life is should be a journey with Him and closer towards Him every moment.

So when the challenging times come, it’s our opportunity to choose to let go, and let God be God. I and my family are pressing in to this reality and I pray you will as well. Even when everything seems to be going smoothly. There inevitably will come a rocky and thorny time. Practice now.


PS. There may be some disruption in the daily delivery over the next several days. I’ll do my best to keep after it as it’s a way for me to practice the presence of God in my own life. Thank you for your prayers.

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