Can You Do It?

One of the biggest challenges we face regularly is, can I do this thing set before me? A job challenge, a health challenge, a financial challenge, a relationship challenge?

The answer is a resounding yes. But how, when I feel so inadequate, broken, unqualified, ill-equipped.

God tells us that we can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. As I mentioned the other day however, the same question is asked…how. By grace through faith. An active and connected faith with God. Not depending at all on your ability to do anything, but depending on His ability, willingness and strength.

If you are disheartened, confused, fearful, feeling distinctly unqualified, and broken, He is actually the closest to you at that point. Why? Usually because you have stopped relying on your own understanding and resources. You surrender control and allow God to take control… you never had any control in the first place. It’s up to you and me. He can’t force us.

But sweet surrender. Don’t let your ego keep you cycling through the same broken patterns of self over and over. I just had a talk with a young husband who’s been trapped in a destructive cycle for years. He just doesn’t believe he can lead in his marriage and as a consequence they continue to cycle through addiction issues never getting out of the cycle.

I said, “ who is telling you that you can’t , God or the devil and how you feel about yourself ?” God would never tell you that you can’t do something that is in his will. Taking those thoughts captive to the truth will set you free to become who He says you can become.

Decide today to believe God. He can’t decide for you!


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