Self Worth

Most people do not realize that you are responsible for your own self worth. What do I mean by this?

“As a man believes about himself so he is” If you are still carrying around baggage from your past, not knowing your temperament strengths and weaknesses, keep carrying your baggage around from one relationship, one employment situation to another, either being a perpetual victim or codependent, or any number of other dysfunctional behaviors, your sense of true self will be severely compromised.

In fact, the points illustrated above will really only be practiced by people who are aware of this truth on some level, and now understand that if they don’t take steps such as these and many more, they will be doomed to seeing themselves through the broken lens that they, in many cases, have been seeing through for a lifetime.

So who is responsible for us to start getting it? Us. No one will do it for you. No one can do it for you. You need to see it, recognize it, call it what it is, and set out to get what ever help you need. Even God can’t do it “for you”. He will do it in you but you must be engaged with Him for that to happen.

He has already done the work. He has created you in love with purpose, a plan, and all the worth and value you will ever need to become who you are intended to be. But if you do not reach out for it, you’ll probably never find it. You don’t create it yourself, you receive it.

Many yearsh ago when I was with New York City Relief, there was a man named Nate. He came to the bus and received help. Help them led him down such a pathway. After years on the streets of NY, in his testimony he said, “ because I didn’t think I could make it, I never chose it. “

I never forgot that. I was the same for more than half my life. I always disqualified myself. I never thought I could become anything other that who I was, which was a broken, addicted, fearful, dysfunctional “loser”. (My own label). But when I got wind that God had more for me, I started seeking that out. In the process, I started to be transformed into the man God always intended.

You can too. Engage in the seeking. Get the help. Enter the process. Don’t expect overnight fixes or settle for band aids. Do the deep diving into your broken heart so He can bring Truth into your existence and set you free…. to “be. “


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