Malice, Ignorance and Wisdom

Macice or Ignorance… which comes first? And what’s the antidote?

SInce the Bible says the heart is desperately wicked, there could easily be an argument that malice comes first. But then, where might ignorance come in? Not knowing and understanding the truth. Therefore we make our own judgements, get hurt, offended, jealous, angry, vengeful, resentful and more.

Churchill said this; “The Truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may attempt to deride it, but in the end, there it is.”

The ignorance of the Truth, coupled with malice, is what we observe on a daily basis as we observe the world around us. Just watch the news, watch how your relationships pan out, watch how easily you and I get offended and want to retaliate.

All of it ultimately, is ignorance of the Truth, and the malice in the heart intersecting. So then, what is the antidote for this problem?


The Benefits of Wisdom according to Proverbs Ch. 2

(The italicised words are our part)

 My child, listen to what I say,
    and treasure my commands.
Tune your ears to wisdom,
    and concentrate on understanding.
3 Cry out for insight,
    and ask for understanding.
Search for them as you would for silver;
    seek them like hidden treasures.
Then you will understand what it means to fear the Lord,
    and you will gain knowledge of God.
For the Lord grants wisdom!
    From his mouth come knowledge and understanding.
He grants a treasure of common sense to the honest.
    He is a shield to those who walk with integrity and character.
He guards the paths of the just
    and protects those who are faithful to him.

Then you will understand what is right, just, and fair,
    and you will find the right way to go.
10 For wisdom will enter your heart,
    and knowledge will fill you with joy.
11 Wise choices will watch over you.
    Understanding will keep you safe.

12 Wisdom will save you from evil people,
    from those whose words are twisted.
13 These people turn from the right way
    to walk down dark paths.
14 They take pleasure in doing wrong,
    and they enjoy the twisted ways of evil.
15 Their actions are crooked,
    and their ways are wrong.

If you read this with a heart that understands that the only way to walk in freedom from ignorance and malice, is to receive the Truth, as Winston Churchill states, as it always stands firm, then you can become a candidate for it’s benefits. This is not merely “learned” and intellectually ascended to, or even agreed with, it is received and acquired.

It is something that is acquired by seeking it, choosing to adopt it’s realities into my life, due to seeing my desperate state without it.

Let’s tie this together with our upbringing that we talk about all the time in terms of personal archeology; digging deep into our brokenness to find healing of our hearts through forgiveness and releasing of judgements, due to our broken childhood experiences – as illustrated in the graphic at the top of the page.

Why is this so important?

It’s because the seeds of ignorance and malice in many cases, are planted in our developmental years in our hearts, through neglect, abuses, rejections and more. Therefore, if you neglect this all important experience of life and do not bring it into the light, your heart will remain prone to darkness: breeding malice and ignorance. God intends that the Truth would make us free however – free to be… free to become the people we are created to be.

A good way to start might be starting to deal with your broken past, and then read proverbs… it will help shed light into the dark unhealed places in your heart.


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