Practical Application with Matt Donofrio

It’s time to take the theoretical and make it practical.”

Bill used to always say this to me when we would discuss “purpose and God.” My melancholy-choleric literally hates this answer more than anything. For years I tried to wrap my head around God, and fit him into a box that would fit my logical brain. The problem is, there is no box, and definitely no box that God would ever go into lol!

Leave it to Matt Donofrio, the choleric, to try and tell God what to do. So when Bill would have discussions with me about a purpose driven lifestyle rather than a potential driven lifestyle, initially I had the same response. What is purpose? How do I know I’m walking in purpose? Why do I feel like some weeks I’m walking effortlessly in it, and others I’m striving to just get through the week alive?

I often have these conversations about being a “human being” and not a “human doing” with Bill, Vanessa, Jordan and Amanda. What I found through the process in EIS is that the day to day life of someone “striving for potential rather than walking in purpose” may look similar on the outside, but on the inside, the depth is incomparable. The main difference is that each of those journeys are operating from different power sources. I used to strive by using my brain and leaning on my own understanding. Once Bill and this Process taught me to tap into God and my faith, it allowed me to serve others, rather than serve myself.

Burning out turned into serving more and stretching myself. Frustration turned into prayer. I’ll never forget feeling worn down and exhausted, and venting about that to Bill. He proceeded to share that he is 3x my age, but probably does 3x the amount of work than I do. How? He leans on God’s strength, not his own… and, he loves the people he serves.

The phone call was pretty silent after that lol. Power sources are powerful. This process helped me discover that my purpose wasn’t through some thing, but through people. This was a major part as to why it was so important that I learned to prioritize my relationship with Ness over everything, because that’s where my purpose begins. Being Purpose driven is serving  others out of my vulnerability, and allowing my brokenness to be shared with others, and build a bridge for him or her to come to his or her own understandings and beliefs. 

One main thing I struggled with during this EIS process of finding my purpose, was that in my head, if I knew what walking in my purpose was, then why does it feel like sometimes I revert back to my old ways? Why does it feel at times I have a highway to frustration and a dirt road to prayer?

The perfectionist mentality still follows me, and I feel it’s just a reminder that there is no finish line. There is no destination because that’s not God’s intention for us. This is why it’s so important that I stay plugged in to EIS consistently, doing the homework, and leaning on the people that God put in my life and speaks through; Bill, Jordan and Amanda, as well as Vanessa.

In terms of a business aspect, I’ve seen a massive shift in consistent growth when I focus on my purpose of serving others rather than myself. Jordan always reminds me to remember where I started, and I think thats the purpose aspect of all of this.

Moving forward inch by inch, and attracting people that can relate to my starting point, and giving them a bridge to walk into their journey through operating from my purpose.

At first I got in the business for the money, it was the biggest drive for me. I know now after going through this process, that introducing people to this mentorship will guide them to purpose this in their lives, and helping them succeed is more important than any dollar sign. And that’s the best part of the business aspect.

I find since the EIS, I have been able to double my business results with the same amount if effort because of the power source behind it.

Being purpose driven is not being perfect, but being in an eternal state of growth with God, dependence on God, and others around me. The two steps forward, one step back part of this process sometimes feels like a black hole, but I know that’s right where God wants me to be.

Matt Donofrio/BH

PS. I love these two… I call them forerunners. They are young, ambitious, and want to live on purpose, not merely be successful, and lead the way. They both are great examples of how EIS impacts the lives of people virtually on every level. Thank you guys, you’re awesome!

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