Generational Transformation

Lily and son Julio

It was several years ago when I was introduced to Lily. She was at a place in her life where she was beyond ready for healing in her life.

She was a faithful church goer, always trying to do the right thing, etc. But she couldn’t get rid of the inner pain and insecurities that plagued her day after day, year after year, since childhood.

One of my colleagues had mentioned to her the APS. So she came in for the test and immediately was hit with why she was trapped in the cycle of pain and insecurity. This led her to see the underlying issues from her past that kept her bound up on the inside, and severely limited in her life experience.

We got to the place of forgiveness of the people in her life that had hurt her for years and years and the judgments she made behind the pain of deep rejection that literally was still happening in her life. She said “I am so ready to do this I can’t take it anymore.”

She had a radical transformative experience with God that set her free to “be” the lovely woman that she is. As a side note, she used to wear alot of makeup to “cover up and hide” what she used to believe was an unlovable person. That stopped after this experience. We also helped get her son counseling with an associate that was life transforming for him as well. Here is an excerpt from a recent email I received from Lily.

“Everything is going well, I completed the Master degree, right now I’m attending the New York theological seminary, taking the leap of faith and trusting God along the way. Julio just finished High School, he was accepted at Montclair State University, his major is going to be in Music education. All we have accomplished is because of God first , then meeting you and Ed. The process of healing wasn’t easy but definitely worth it. Then you pointed me on the right path. Between God, you and Ed you saved my sons and my life. I will always be grateful for everything that you had done for me and my son.”


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