Temperament Basics – The Phlegmatic

Phlegmatic (Introvert)
To the observer, the Phlegmatic is extremely slow-paced and stubborn.

The Phlegmatic goes through life doing as little as possible, quietly, and expending little energy. They have limited energy reserves and calculate and guard their energy.

They are task oriented with a great capacity for work that requires precision and accuracy and expends a minimal amount of energy. Only sleep can regenerate a Phlegmatic.

The world may never know all the brilliant thoughts, great books, spectacular works of art, or wonderful ministries that have been buried with the Phlegmatic. They seldom, if ever, use these ideas and talents because it would require expending too much energy and effort to put these ideas into action.

The Phlegmatic sits back and watches other temperaments busy doing things and looking at all the things in the world that need to be changed. Identifying the injustice is not difficult for the Phlegmatic in Inclusion; however, they will seldom initiate action against injustice. They will try to inspire others to do something, but are not likely to personally get involved themselves.

The Phlegmatic is the only temperament the Choleric is unable to control (which frustrates the Choleric tremendously). The Phlegmatic is the most stable temperament. The Phlegmatic is the most stubborn of all the temperaments when it comes to making changes. Because of their tendency to uninvolvement, they are natural negotiators and diplomats. “Peace at all costs” is their motto.

The Phlegmatic has no fear of rejection and can handle unaffectionate and hostile people. They are calm, easygoing people who are not plagued with the emotional outbursts, exaggerated feelings, anger, bitterness or unforgiveness as are other temperaments. They are observers who do not get involved nor expend much energy. Their cool, complacent attitude can hurt people that love them.  The way they observe can cause them to never to give of themselves and, therefore, never receive either.

The ability to perform tedious tasks, relate to both tasks and people, calm easygoing, extremely efficient and perfectionistic. The Phlegmatic can function quite well in a hostile social setting. Nothing “ruffles their feathers.”

Unwillingness to become involved, tendency to be an observer rather than a participant, and use of a verbal defense that often hurts others.

The tendency to be very practical, conservative, peace-loving and a good peace maker / arbitrator.

Indecisiveness, the tendency to procrastinate, and being very difficult to motivate. They use verbal defenses that often hurt others; it is used against anyone who tries to motivate or control them, particularly Cholerics.

Well balanced, easygoing, non-demanding, calm and realistic in demands for love and affection.

Unwillingness to become involved in deep relationships, tendency to be an observer only, rarely self-sacrificing, unemotional and inexpressive. Verbal defenses are used to protect low energy supply with regard to physical and sexual involvement.

The Phlegmatic temperament when blended with other temperaments “decaffeinates” the other temperament, or tones in down. In the same way the “compulsive” score heightens the intensity of another temperament, the Phlegmatic takes the edge off it.

Low-key personality
Easygoing and relaxed
Calm, cool, and collected
Patient, well balanced
Consistent life
Quiet, but witty
Sympathetic and kind
Keeps emotions hidden
Happily reconciled to life
All-purpose person

Competent and steady
Peaceful and agreeable
Has administrative ability
Mediates problems
Avoids conflicts
Good under pressure
Finds the easy way

Easy to get along with
Pleasant and enjoyable
Good listener
Dry sense of humor
Enjoys watching people
Has many friends
Has compassion and concern

Avoids responsibility
Quiet will of iron
Shy and reticent

Not goal oriented
Lacks self-motivation
Hard to get moving
Resents being pushed
Lazy and careless
Discourages others
Would rather observe

Dampens enthusiasm
Stays uninvolved
Is not exciting
Indifferent to plans
Judges others
Sarcastic and teasing
Resists change

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