Permission to Heal

Sometimes the most obvious things we need seem hidden, even though they are in plain sight. Most of the solutions for our life are very simple, yet often ignored. One of the greatest practices that is neglected is the need to cultivate and care for the life of the heart. 

The bad choices, rejections, failures, and negative consequences all have definitely infected our hearts with various forms of brokenness. But the fact is, that we overlook the issues of the heart that keep us in a shallow lifestyle, and without depth in our transformational experiences. 

We are broken people living in a broken world, attempting to live meaningful lives. But we are often so unaware of how our brokenness affects us. In addition, we’re so scared of letting our vulnerabilities show. Life and our baggage has trained us to hide our brokenness at all costs. Meanwhile, the brokenness is festering and having a relational impact. 

Can we all just admit that each of us have various areas of brokenness in our lives? If we can get honest that we are all broken to some degree, then we would have a lot more effective and genuine conversations and experience more authentic transformation.

The Myth Many People Believe

Despite what many think, there is no magic anything that makes your brokenness completely disappear. In fact, a major aspect of maturing involves allowing God to heal the broken areas of our lives and establish greater levels of wholeness in our hearts, through the difficulties in life.

Pursuing spiritual and emotional growth while ignoring underlying brokenness is like walking on a treadmill while eating a bowl of fries and a milkshake. You’re not going to experience what’s possible.

Many are asking God to grow them and mature them, while at the same time, neglecting to address key issues of their heart, allowing them to be healed.

For many, the process of transformation is a revolving door that never changes. A lot of this has to do with the fact that brokenness of the heart has not been a priority in our growth. So we continue broken, dysfunctional cycles that are erosive and destructive. We take them from relationship to relationship, waiting for “something to change”, externally, but it’s us who needs to change!

When Jesus ministered, He often bypassed the small talk of symptoms and cut right to the root issue. He always pointed to the heart. In fact, His focus began with healing to the heart. 

But relax and take a deep breath, because healing of the heart is a journey–an ongoing process more than just a one-time event. You and I are on a lifelong journey of allowing God to heal, renew and transform our hearts in powerful ways.

Healing is Available to Your Heart

There is good news from a good God, who loves you. But that love is meaningless if it is not received. Your heart was made to live in the power of love. Wherever God’s love and nature is not received and experienced, brokenness dwells. We as human beings carry brokenness for a number of reasons:  

  1. In most if not all of us, our hearts became contaminated with broken thinking, belief systems and broken relationships. 
  2. Life experiences have wounded us, leaving us with broken mindsets and patterns that keep us in cycles of dysfunction. 
  3. We have deep emptiness, as a result of not being filled with the love we were designed to experience. 
  4. We all have areas of our hearts that God’s love and nature have not invaded yet. We all need deeper experiences with various aspects of God’s character. 

Recognizing your brokenness does not mean you walk around all day discouraged and living out a disempowered life. Quite the opposite. Recognizing your brokenness is incredibly empowering; especially because of the humble posture it produces in you. You can become more teachable, moldable and able to receive the insight you need. Then instead of your brokenness perpetually sabotaging and disqualifying you, it becomes your qualification.

When you walk around like your garbage doesn’t stink, it distances you from what you need. It will also make you live a fabricated life, while becoming more religiously legalistic and judgemental, (jealous and envious), towards others. People not recognizing and effectively dealing with their own brokenness, is the reason we are all so hard on each other. 

Brennan Manning said, ” We hate. the things we see in others that are the things we hate about ourselves.” 

Heart healing does not lead us to a one-time event, but a continual growth process, a journey. Once we give our hearts permission to experience more of God’s love and nature, we make room to be led on a whole new journey and lifestyle.

BH/ Adaped – M. DeJesus

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