Half Measures

This is a tried and true statement from the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous. Mainly pointing to a half hearted recovery effort that doesn’t usually bring to you a desirable result. Like half stopping drinking, half in half out. It doesn’t give you “half sobriety”, it brings you back out, usually, to using again. Why? Because you are half in and half out.

The Bible tells us the same thing. “Let the double minded person not expect to receive anything from the Lord.” Why? Because you are double minded. You want God and what He has, but you still want things your way. Sounds good… I am saying I want God’s will… kinda. It will not get you where you want to go.

I lived this way for a while. I always went back. When I decided to go all the way in, I found sustained victory that has lasted 37 years never going back, and not just not drinking, but moving on into all that God had for me. And that continues.

I also learned to apply this concept to other areas of my life. Taking my thoughts captive? All in! Purity? All in. God? All in. Honesty? All in. Integrity? All in!

Half measures won’t cut it.

Porn. One of the biggest areas of addiction. “I am weening myself off. I don’t do it on Sunday.” It gets worse and worse. Lies. I only tell “white” lies. SOmehow they are no longer lies because we call them white?

If you want sustained victory in any and all areas of your life, determine that you will not compromise and that you are all in. That doesn’t mean striving harder by the way. It actually means surrendering more as you move forward. Surrender your own way, your own plans that you already know won’t work, and you know it because you already tried it.

The best one is this: I try something and it works for a while, then it fails. My response. I’ll just do more of the same thing harder. THEN it will work! AKA… doing the same thing over and over again, expecting a different result… INSANITY. A way to avoid complete surrender.

Come on Einstein! Stop fooling yourself. The Truth will set you free if you live in it.


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