The Faces of Anger – Part 4 with Damalie Namale – The Sanguine

Today we get to explore what happens when a Sanguine gets angry and how they engage their anger.

Sanguines are very social in nature and like being around people. 
They tend to be very cheerful, compassionate, enthusiastic, and bring life by their presence into the environments they socialize in. They usually see the best in people and want everyone around them to have an exciting, fun-filled experience with life to the extent that they sometimes live in a world that doesn’t exist.

The struggles most sanguines experience is the fear of being rejected, not being accepted, and approved of since they need to be the center of attention. Attention to a sanguine is very rewarding but when it is withheld especially after behaving so well sanguines feel punished.
Sanguines tend to go above and beyond to please others so that they don’t feel rejected. They tend to dishonor other people’s boundaries and become so people-pleasing.

When rejected sanguines take on the bad behaviors of screaming, lashing out, and pouting. The very same behavior that draws negative attention. Sanguines are openly aggressive but in their minds, there is confusion and they think that they are being punished for doing good even if they overstepped other people’s boundaries.

They are driven to control the behavior of others in order to get what they want. This is how they swing from being happy in one moment to being sad in a matter of minutes. 

Here are a few Sanguine Images

When they feel loved, accepted, and approved of they are on top of the world and are happy yet any sense of rejection causes them to fear and go into self-destructive and self-indulgent behavior. The need for approval and acceptance drives sanguines to fear-based behavior like lying, cheating, and stealing. They tend to panic when they sense rejection because they many times do not know how to obtain acceptance and approval in the right way.

Sanguines tend to be self-preserving in their stand for personal worth and they want to meet their needs at the expense of others. They are explosive, rageful, intimidating, and blame others.

Their openly aggressive behavior of being angry emphasizes their focusing on their own personal needs, with powerful insensitivity to the needs of others.

They tend to have a temper and are very abusive in their anger but they need to acknowledge that this is wrong.
If they only stay focused on being accepted and approved of, they will continue to be rejected because everyone is not always going to like them and they need to accept that truth. It’s not fair to base your emotional health on the approval of others and if you do so, you are only setting yourself up for anger.

Thanks to Pastor Damalie for her insights in this series on anger and temperament!

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BH/ Guest Contributor – Damalie Namale

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