Victorious Day of Teaching and Testimony

Wow! Another day of powerful teaching, training and testimony. We are learning more and more the value of brokenness and humility in the role of leadership.

Henri Nouwen states it this way:

“Leaders need to de-mystify the role of leadership, and learn to face and deal with their own fears and insecurities.”

If they do not, they present a lofty image of an impervious “leader”, untouchable and invulnerable. It’s easy to believe our own illusions, especially if they are reinforced by the ideals of society, and reinforced by performance orientation, competition, pride and ego.

Nouwen calls for a different type of leadership in which the leader is a “vulnerable servant” who needs people as much as they need him or her. This type of leadership allows for a rhythm of of service and personal enrichment. It means that the leaders can be strong, as well as be weak, struggle like anyone else, and not have all the answers. Leaders who need the same grace as everyone else.

All this implicates the need for a paradigm shift in leadership understanding. De-mystifying the leadership role allows all involved to be free to be and become, together. When leaders are not perched on unapproachable pedestals, the rhythm of service and enrichment between all community members becomes not only possible, but desirable, and liberating to all.

Here is a quick reference for Servant Leadership:

BH/ Henri Nouwen

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