Event Follow Up…

After a powerful event like we encountered yesterday, it’s important to follow up in appropriate ways to what we have learned, or experienced.

In a short three hour period, we were exposed to powerful concepts, truths, examples, and testimonies that reflect the internal work in peoples lives, and how that work translates out into their world; their deepened understanding of their identity, value and purpose, their movement forward in relationships, and even into their workplace environment and business.

For many of us, (if not all of us), we have trauma, sometimes deep trauma in our past that we may be reminded of , or “triggered” by while taking part in such an event. If indeed we are triggered, or reminded of things troubling from our past, we should utilize these moments to reach out to a counselor, therapist, or other health professional, to perhaps take a deeper step towards emotional recovery and healing.

The goal of “testimonies” is to demonstrate the reality that healing can indeed be obtained from the deepest of life traumatic events, with help. As we continue to help people “dig deep” and expose the pain and grief of their lives, we endeavor to provide as much comprehensive support as possible; other counselors specializing in specific areas, medical and psychological professionals who can augment our work in certain cases.

One of the important goals to remember, is that we are helping people discover their true selves. Out true selves in many cases includes deep trauma that remains a part of who we are. Learning to embrace even the broken parts of who we are, and facing the pain of difficult issues from our past, will free us up to move forward… not continuing to be limited and burdened by these events, but even empowered, as exhibited in the testimonies that were shared this weekend.

If this is you, or even if it’s not, if you were challenged by anything you heard or learned in this event, or maybe spurred on and encouraged and motivated, please reach out to your mentor, friend, or one of the EIS team so we may help direct, lead and guide you towards greater freedom and peace in your life.

BH/ For all of Us at EIS.

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