In Control?

Can you remain “in control”, when everything seems out of control?

Of course, most of us know by now, that “control” is really an illusion. We think or believe we have control over alot more things in life than we actually do. We really are subject to many forces and powers that be, (Including God). The fact the people all want to run their own lives and basically not be controlled, is a problem! If they would all just do things the way that I see is the “best way”, everything would be “fine”.

This is never going to happen of course, so as an example, what will I do when they are not willing to do things the way I want? Will I be “out of control” trying to control them? Or will I exercise “self control”? Self control is really the only control I have. When I exercise self control, I can control my reactions and turn them into responses. I can choose to not try and control things and allow others to do it. I can choose to believe that we all have a free will, and that it is futile to try and control people and circumstances.

I can choose to have peace when things are spinning “out of control.”

Cholerics of course are notorious for being “controllers”. Inherently, they are prone to burn out. Not because they are not capable or resourceful, but because they expend much of their energy attempting to be in control of people, places, things all the time. Additionally, their pride and ego are attached naturally, because basically, they have taken the place of God of their own lives. Since we are not God, we are not omnipotent, omniscient, or omnipresent… but we are under the prideful illusion that we are.

A choleric as an example, can exercise “self control”, by relinquishing control over life, and allowing God to be God for example. In fact, in the Bible we are told that “self control” is a “fruit” of the Spirit, meaning that as we yield control of our lives to God, we find that we have self control.

Exercising self control will yield:

  • Peace
  • Joy
  • Contentment
  • Discernment
  • Less anger and frustration
  • More compassion
  • Better mental and physical health
  • Healthier relationships personally and professionally
  • Ability to let go
  • Ability to delegate and release people
  • much more…..

Let go, and Let God, because you’re not.


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