What the Process is Not.

When I began writing “The Process”, my writer and I were in heated agreement that this book would not be a “how to” book, or a “six steps to having a great marriage and business” book.


One of the reasons is that those types of books are great hooks that draw people in to a “destination oriented” paradigm, that lures us to believe that, if I just do these six steps, I will achieve X. Our modern day form of snake oil promises of a quick pathway to healing, success, or any number of “destinations” that promise me that I will “get where I [think] I want to go.

This is a form of destination orientation, especially in relationships, marriage, and business that seems to fit the bill as we all want to “succeed”, after all. Right there I believe we miss the mark. Is “success” the goal? When I “succeed”, then… ??? I can do whatever I want, I can buy whatever I want, I don’t have to work for “the man”? Whatever it is is an empty promise as it’s all externally based. Prosperity, on the other hand, implicates a whole and complete person’s ability to walk in their purpose freely, living the life they are purposed, and to “prosper” in every area of their lives. As I always point out… we don’t want to merely succeed in one area.

Purpose for example, begins with “who” we really are… our genuine selves. This points to an inner direction of discovery, as opposed to an external pursuit of “things” that I believe will “make me happy”, as if that’s the ultimate goal. If it is, I am here to tell you that it an empty pursuit.

It’s really a journey of discovering who we really are, relieving ourselves of the pain and baggage of the past, forgiving and releasing judgements, learning to take our thoughts captive to the truth of who we really are, because ” as a man thinks in HIS HEART, so he is.” Knowing who we are is ground zero for purpose.

When we do it backwards, and put the cart before the horse, we will not escape it. We may be distracted, anesthetized by the goodies the world has to offer, but there will come a day when we will wonder why we don’t have genuine peace in our hearts, or why all the stuff we have or the things we do no longer provide the thrill or excitement that they used to. Then we will be faced with the challenge of going back all the way and excavating my heart to do what could have been done earlier.

I always say, it’s great to customize your life, but if you don’t know who you are, you will likely try and be someone else.

The Process outlines a way of approaching life that gives you all you need to find that ground zero as an individual, and then learn to be, become, and discover purpose in your life that can usher in all the things God has for you to become and do “with” your life. Allow God to heal your brokenness, and it can become the very thing you need to move forward into your genuine self.

“Be who you is, ‘cause if you ain’t who you is, you is who you ain’t.”
― Brennan Manning, Ruthless Trust: The Ragamuffin’s Path to God

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