Does the Process Work?

The process is “a” process, that has developed over time. A combination of effective and pragmatic disciplines that can afford anyone who choses to employ them diligently, the opportunity to discover their true selves, be relieved of the trauma of their past , and be free to “be” and “become” all they are intended to be, with the help and guidance of a qualified counselor, mentor or coach.

Along with this, other disciplines and exercise such as “taking thoughts captive”, choosing to forgive past offenses, and release judgements against others and self, also free a person to live in an unburdened fashion. In addition, anyone can understand and learn how this is all translated out into their world in terms of “leadership”; as we believe leadership begins in the self, home, and family realities. The following is an excerpt from the book.

The Process is all about building a routine into your domestic life that supports lasting positive change in all your relationships, starting with your relationship with your partner.

The Process is not about learning workplace-related leadership principles and then “applying them” to your life. Instead, it is about being transformed into the kind of person who lives according to clear principles that support you, at every moment, in any and every environment.

What we will be examining here is relevant, and helpful, to anyone seeking to move from a position of stress and overwhelm to one of authenticity, potential, and personal fulfillment. I have found, that its appeal is particularly powerful to couples, and specifically to couples who are working together on and in a business they own together. I wrote this book for them, but anyone can benefit from the principles we’ll be examining here.

So… does the Process work? Certainly it works if you work it. Here are a few comments from Phil. He and his wife are one example of having implemented the steps in the process into their life journey.

“I was introduced to Bill Hoffman at a point in my life where I thought I had a marriage problem. After working with Bill I realized I did not have a marriage problem, “I” was the problem. What Bill lays out in his book “The Process”, is what allowed me to understand the roots of my issues. Not only did it identify the roots I was given guidance to rip those roots out and grow new healthy roots. It also uncovered a socially accepted addiction that had been a stronghold in my life for multiple decades that had been slowly ruining my life.

Bill worked with me and my wife together initially, and then individually to do exactly what is laid out in his book. It was an eye opener to both my wife and I. For me literally I was introduced to my true authentic self and and now have the ability to understand what my purpose is, believe I am worthy to carry out that purpose and learn how to live and walk that purpose out clearly in partnership with my Source and my life partner my wife.

I finally can wake up everyday in absolute Peace and walk through life from a place of Power instead of Pain. I would highly recommend if you are not at Peace, confused, angry, frustrated, stuck in additions, feel uncomfortable in your own skin, feel like giving up, to buy this book and then go through the process yourself.”

“The Process Works if You Work It!”

I am grateful to Phil and Tram, and all the other individuals and couples that have benefited from the Process over the years.



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